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CCW- Concealed Carry Weapons



CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) Class



This course is designed with time management in mind!  (4 hours)

It has no shooting (classroom only) however meets all requirements by law to obtain your CCW permit.  This class is perfect for individuals with a busy lifestyle that make an (8) hour class difficult to attend as well as unnecessary due to the individual's experience level.  The emphasis is less on firearms and firearm esoterica and more on the legal ramifications of the use of lethal force.  This course includes extensive coverage of statutory and common law as well as responsible gun safety, mindset, mental conditioning, situational awareness, surviving violent confrontations and the aftermath, criminal mythology and how to avoid, if possible, the use of deadly force.

Includes: Student packets (forms required to apply for permit, fingerprint cards, fingerprinting, reciprocity list, copy of Title 13 Chapter 31, copy of Title 13 Chapter 400, and completion certificate.

Not Included: State of Arizona application fee of $60.00 for 5-year permit



Legal system overview

Review Federal/State laws

Lethal force and its aftermath

Interaction with law enforcement

Maintaining a situationally aware lifestyle

Restricted and prohibited carry locations


Castle Doctrine

Stand Your Ground

Criminal mythology

Violent confrontations

Situational awareness



21 or older

U.S. citizen or lawfully present

Not under indictment or convicted felon

Not convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence

Not under court order (i.e. order of protection, harassment, etc.)

Not a fugitive

Not a user or addicted to any controlled substance

Not dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces

Do not suffer from mental illness (have not been adjudicated mentally incompetent or committed)

What to Bring:

notebook, pen

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