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Our Mission




To teach all individuals proper firearm safety and education.


To obtain proficiency and confidence when handling a firearm.

To empower students to have the ability to protect themselves if necessary.

To increase our students awareness through fun and interactive training.

To assist students (specifically women) in choosing a firearm that fits their specific needs and ability.

To provide a comfortable learning environment that does not intimidate.


Who I Am


Rene is the founder, owner and the lead firearm instructor for SAFE- safety, aim, fire, education, which is a firearm education company that focuses on empowering women and all individuals by education and hands on techniques. Rene is a retired police detective with 30 years of experience and service to the residents of Arizona. She has been an Arizona POST Firearms Instructor for over 26 years and is certified by the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) as a pistol and rifle instructor.


In addition, Rene is certified in Special Weapons and Tactics Operations as well as recognized by the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) as a Police Marksmanship “Sharpshooter”. Rene has trained thousands of police officers and civilians in firearms safety and the mechanics necessary for proficient firearms operation. This knowledge and expertise has contributed greatly to the “Weapons for Women” program, which is a full continuum of training that provides women with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively protect themselves.


During Rene’s law enforcement career, she has obtained extensive knowledge and experience in the use of personal defense products to include impact weapons, TASER, pepper spray and hands on defensive tactics. She is certified by the Sacramento Public Safety Center in the Protection of Public Officials and has extensive experience in personal security protection. Rene has assisted the Secret Service providing direct protection for the President and Vice President of the United States of America and has served on the Protection Detail for two Arizona Governors.

Upon entering the private sector in 2014, Rene served on the protection detail for the Arizona Cardinals NFL Football Club during the 2015/2016 season and currently does Executive Protection for VIP’s/Celebrities. She is a certified “Girls on Guard” instructor for the Woman’s Self-Defense Institute, certified Protection Specialist, certified Tactical Driving Instructor and certified Security Guard Firearms Instructor for the State of Arizona.


Rene prides herself in raising three self-reliant, confident, daughters. As a mother, Rene recognizes the dangers that women and children of all ages face. She is passionate about providing the tools necessary to keep themselves safe. She strives to use her experience and training to help men, women and children both prevent dangerous situations from occurring and defend themselves when posed with such situations. This allows her to not only teach the value of defending one’s self, but also the importance of believing in one’s self.


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