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Meet the team!


Meet The Team!

Rene Audsley: Owner & Founder


Rene is the founder, owner and the lead firearms instructor for SAFE- SafetyAimFireEducation, which is a firearm education company that focuses on empowering all individuals (especially women) by education and hands on techniques. Rene is a retired Arizona State Police Detective with 30 years of experience and service to the residents of Arizona.  She has been an Arizona POST Law Enforcement Firearms/Rifle Instructor for over 26 years and is certified by the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) as a pistol, rifle and Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) Instructor.


In addition, Rene is certified in Special Weapons and Tactics Operations (SWAT) as well as recognized by the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) as a Police Marksmanship “Sharpshooter”.  Rene is a Certified General Instructor, Certified Tactical Driving Instructor, Certified Protection Specialist through the Sacramento Public Safety Center, Certified “Girls on Guard” Instructor for the Woman’s Self-Defense Institute, and Certified Security Guard Firearms Instructor for the State of Arizona.


Rene has trained thousands of police officers and civilians in firearms safety and the mechanics necessary for proficient firearms operations. This expertise and knowledge has contributed greatly to the “Weapons for Women” program, which is a full continuum of training that provides women with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively protect themselves.


During Rene’s law enforcement career, she has obtained extensive knowledge and experience in the use of personal defense products to include impact weapons, TASER, pepper spray and hands on defensive tactics. She has extensive experience in personal security protection including assisting the Secret Service by providing direct protection for the President and Vice President of the United States of America and has served on the Protection Detail for two Arizona Governors.  Her massive resume includes investigations of narcotics, organized crime/racketeering, asset forfeiture, liquor, vice, prostitution, homicide, general investigations and riding a motorcycle for eight years during her time with AZ DPS.  Rene’s experience and training has given her firsthand knowledge of criminal mythology and she strives to pass this on to her clients.

Upon entering the private sector in 2014, Rene served on the protection detail for the Arizona Cardinals NFL Football Club during the 2015/2016 season and currently does contract work in Executive Protection for VIP’s/Celebrities.


In addition to her career, Rene prides herself in raising three self-reliant, confident daughters. As a mother, Rene recognizes the dangers that men, women and children of all ages face. She is passionate about providing the tools necessary to keep themselves safe. She strives to use her experience and training to help men, women and children both in preventing dangerous situations from occurring and in defending themselves when posed with such situations. This allows her to not only teach the value of defending one’s self, but also the importance of believing in one’s self.


Rene is thankful for her wonderful family which includes her husband Doug, daughters; Jessica, Bailey, Alexa, and stepchildren Kolby and Kamille.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, hunting/fishing, and competing at the professional level in rodeo/barrel racing.

Crystal Mooney


Throughout high school Crystal was a part of the Cadet Police program to become a police officer, attending and graduating from the Cadet Academy in 1988. Upon graduating high school Crystal decided that law enforcement was not for her and started her own cosmetology company.  After meeting her husband Scott, she continued to enjoy shooting guns and staying proficient with the fundamentals of marksmanship that she had previously learned in the police academy.  Crystal has a passion for preventing victimization as she was herself victimized in the past.  Instead of allowing that situation to mold her negatively, she used it to become more knowledgeable and confident.  Her experience is her driving force behind her desire to teach and empower all individuals (especially women) to stay SAFE.  Crystal is a certified NRA pistol instructor/CCW Instructor, Arizona CCW permit holder and enjoys teaching people of all levels and ages.

Crystal enjoys camping, going to the lake with her family, and riding/competing on her horses at barrel racing.  Crystal and Scott have enjoyed 22 years together and she is the proud mother of two amazing sons, ages 19 and 24.

Christy Hilgers:


Christy reluctantly started her pistol shooting almost 16 years ago.  With the need for civilians to be able to protect themselves in an increasingly violent society, knowing her family's respect and passion for firearms training, hunting and the outdoors, she realized she better get on board or be left behind.  Although all four of her children and two stepchildren had been trained by her husband who trained at Gunsite in various firearms courses for the past 30 years, she eventually decided she wanted to pursue formal training for herself.


Over the past several years, Christy has taken weeklong tactical firearms courses at Gun site Training Academies, including BRAVE; Ballistic Response Against Violent Encounters, SAFE's Basic Pistol, Use of Deadly Force course, and became a certified NRA pistol instructor.  Christy is a member of The Well-Armed Woman, North Scottsdale & Gunsite Chapters, and an Arizona CCW permit holder.

Additionally Christy is a licensed insurance agent with the RP Ryan agency, enjoys riding her many horses that keep her busy & also helps with her husband's Architecture firm. 

In her spare time, Christy is passionate about helping others learn firearms safety & techniques, she enjoys practicing at the range and most importantly, hanging out with her granddaughter!

Jason Knox:


Jason is 47 years old and a Native Arizonan.  Upon graduating Dysart High School in 1991, Jason was hired by Surprises Fire Department at the young age of 18.  He graduated the Fire Academy in 1992 and worked as a Firefighter/EMT until December of 1997.  Jason was hired by the Arizona Department of Public Safety as a police officer and graduated the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy in April of 1998. He was then assigned to Fredonia, Arizona and patrolled the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. In September of 1999, he was transferred to Phoenix and assigned to the Motorcycle Unit where he patrolled the valley freeways on a motorcycle for 7 years.  During that time he became a General Instructor, Field Training Instructor, High Risk Stop Instructor and a Physical Fitness Instructor.


In October of 2006 Jason was promoted to Detective and was assigned to the West Valley Gang Enforcement Squad. Here he became a Firearms Instructor certified to teach semi auto handguns, revolvers and shotguns. In 2011, he was assigned to the Firearms Training unit and went through semi-auto rifle instructor school.  Jason has assisted in instructing firearms at the Police Academy as well as the Highway Patrol Advanced Academy.  In 2013, he was assigned to the Governors Protection Detail, protecting both Governor Brewer and Governor Ducey. Jason retired in December of 2017 and remained a Reserve Trooper in the Firearms Training Unit where he continues to instruct to this day.  


Jason joined the SAFE team in early 2020 and enjoys teaching and educating civilians about the safe handling of firearms.  He believes everyone should know how to protect themselves and their family.  


In his spare time Jason enjoys hunting, fishing and prospecting for gold.

Kennedy Lin:


Kennedy grew up shooting handguns and rifles, but over the past several years decided to take it to the next level.  Committed to wanting the skills and mindset to protect and defend her young family, she focused on becoming proficient with the pistol.  Kennedy is a certified NRA Pistol Instructor, AZ CCW Permit holder, and a member of The Well-Armed Woman.  Kennedy's firearms training growing up was with her stepfather who did all his training at Gunsite Academy. Kennedy's training courses range from Arizona Tacticals’ Basic Pistol, Arizona Tacticals’ Urban Gunfighting, SAFE’s Basic Pistol course, to the TWAW's State shoot with numerous Gunsite Instructors.  


Kennedy became an instructor to share her passion for self-defense with all who care to learn and improve their firearms skills.  Kennedy is also a Regional CrossFit athlete & Dental Hygienist, so when not shooting, she is in the gym training or riding her horses.  Kennedy loves being a mother sharing with other young mothers the importance of protecting their family and encourages firearms training.  

Doug Pavlock


Doug grew up shooting for fun and sport.  Hunting has always been his hobby and passion.  Learning to shoot at the young age of 5, he has grown to excell in all areas of shooting.  One of his biggest thrills was introducing his son to the sport of competitive shooting.  His son, Kolby is now a professional shooter, holding multiple world championships and he is proud to have contributed to his success.  He also has an amazing daughter, Kamille, who enjoys shooting and three stepdaughters, mothered by the owner of SAFE.

Doug is a certified NRA pistol instructor/CCW Instructor, Arizona CCW permit holder and has years of experience on the range in competition shooting.  Doug is married to an amazing woman Rene, yes, the owner of SAFE.  Doug continues to learn from his wife who he admires greatly.  Doug loves introducing others to the great sport of shooting and believes all individuals should know how to safely arm and protect themselves.

Bailey Hickman


Bailey is 26 years old and has a passion for helping all individuals, whether it be on the range or in assisting clients with questions.  Bailey is an "Armed Nuclear Officer" employed by the Nuclear Power Plant.  Bailey is proficient with the operation of her duty weapons to include the AR-15 and Glock pistol and is an Arizona CCW permit holder.  She is not only the daughter of our owner Rene, but she is her “right hand” go to for when things get hectic.  Bailey’s calm demeanor and organizational skills keep things running smoothly at SAFE.  Bailey also has a financial background in the banking industry which contributes greatly to the day-to-day operations as well as the end of the fiscal year requirements.

In her spare time, Bailey enjoys riding horses, working out and has aspirations of eventually competing professionally at barrel racing with her horses.

Annelisa McCavera


Annelisa is the owner of McCavera Marketing and specializes in digital marketing. She helps ensure the online platforms, such as social media, website, and invoicing are functioning properly. She also creates the graphics and digital media for SAFE- and broadcasts them to the proper audience. She is excited to see SAFE grow and expand, and is proud to work for such an admirable, incredible woman such as Rene Audsley.

Annelisa is also a mother to a beautiful girl named Sadie and wife to an amazing man named Matthew. In her spare time,  she rides & competes dressage horses - which is her life’s passion and reason for investing herself into her business. She aims for the upper levels in everything she does, and hopes her drive and dedication helps businesses such as SAFE reach great heights.

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