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Basic Intro



Basic Introduction to Firearm Safety Class



Great for novice/ beginners with little to no experience or formal training.  (4-5 hours)

This class also fits intermediate to advanced shooters.  (50 rounds)

This course begins in the classroom learning responsible firearms safety, universal gun handling rules and verbiage, basic operations of the semi-automatic and revolver, ammunition, dry fire practice, loading/unloading, malfunction drills and marksmanship including stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, follow through, breath control and ends on the range.



Nomenclature of the semi-automatic and revolver


Safe gun ownership

Gun storage




Dry fire


What to bring:

gun, 50 rounds of the appropriate ammunition for you gun, eye/ear protection, closed toed shoes, ballcap, water/snack, belt and holster if available.  If you do not own a gun, you may borrow a gun at NO extra charge (you must reimburse for ammo)

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